What’s The Idea?


Why should I have ideas? Ideas are impractical. They’re too much work to follow through on. Why not just have someone else think of ways for us to change, adapt, progress? I’d rather be part of the pluralistic ignorance and go along with what everyone else does. Someone else will come up with the solution.

Don’t they always?

Until then, I’ll be cynical about any ideas people have that obviously wouldn’t work. It’s more fun, and when I’m cynical, people think I’m smarter. Let’s complain. Let’s be negative. Let’s be selfish. Let’s talk about how the world is going to end, and then let’s talk about how disappointing the storm was that was supposed to be so disastrous.

I don’t have an idea but I’ll have a comment about your idea.

I’d rather just know than think of something myself. What good is thinking going to get me? What credentials do I have? How would I ever make my idea work? I’m not smart/interesting/good enough to come up with anything worthwhile. My friends would laugh at me.

Ooo, did you hear about J. Lo? You didn’t? Well let me tell you. Let me be the reason you learned something. I feel good that we can gossip about it. I’d rather talk about that stuff.


I can break through this infinite, collective spin cycle and instead, be willing to change. I know I can. I know I can change my life, our neighborhoods, our cities, our world. It’s “our” world, not “my” world. I need to not be obsessed with individualism but instead remember that we’re all in this together and that community is always the end.

No matter what.

What I do matters. How I treat people matters. Holding that door for someone, giving a compliment, sharing a smile, a joke or a cookie, however infinitesimally small in the grand scheme, changes someone’s day and it has a positive effect on the world.

That matters.

My ideas matter. Someone has to be the one to come up with ideas. Why can’t that someone be me? Why can’t my idea change the world? For anything to change, I first have to believe in myself. If I believe in myself, people will believe in me. And if people believe in me, me becomes us. Us is we, and we are strong.

We have landed on the moon.
We have started revolutions.
We have moved mountains.

We can do anything together, because together we are us, and us is you and me.

Who are you going to be?

Mindset is a choice you make. It’s not a symptom.

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