What To Do When Bad Days Come


“Today sucked.”
I was just off.
“Nothing went right.”

We’ve all been there. In fact, I was just there the other day not being able to write and feeling utterly bummed out for some reason.

Bad days are going to happen. It’s inevitable. In my 32 Years. 32 Lessons post I touched upon the idea of 80% contentment being the realistic measuring stick to an enjoyable life. If you don’t allow for bad days, if you don’t let yourself embrace the suck every now and then, you start to feel like there’s something wrong with you – or the world – when things don’t go exactly how you want them to.

Bad days hurt four times more than good days feel good. It’s just how we’re wired.Understanding the realities of bad days injects some malleability into our otherwise brittle temperament. Sure the ground might shake and some things might fall off the bookshelves, but at least our pillars won’t snap when the bad days come.

Allowing for some bad days makes the wall we just ran into a little more padded.

In today’s world, life has turned into a race and a competition of “I’m doing great.” We try to “out great” and “out busy” each other that we feel it is incomprehensible to show anyone our true colors when we’re not clicking on all cylinders.

But having a bad day just means that we are humans, with emotions and moods. That’s a good thing. It means we’re not cyborgs.

In the end, my bad day a few days ago was just an ebb. It was not because the gods conspired to shower me with misery and heartache. It was simply the combination of bad luck and a worse mindset on my part.

The good news is, ebbs are always buttressed by flows at some point or another, but you might have to work at creating those flows.

Next time you’re having a bad day, ask yourself these 2 lines of questions:

  • Did I do anything to aid in this bad day I’m having? What was it and what can I do differently tomorrow?
  • If it was 100% external forces, what are my options tomorrow with this new random hand that was dealt to me? Who might I need to lean on for help or advice?

Either route, bad days are negated by action – be it of the mind, body or both – not by shaking your fist at the sky.

Let a bad day be a bad day. Wallow in a bad day if you have to, but don’t wallow in the fact that bad days exist.

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