What The Fu*K Are You Doing?


That’s the question I philosophically asked myself all day on Sunday.

What was I questioning? Everything. My web copy, my services, my zone of genius, my reasoning, my products, my approach, my efforts.

At first I felt alone until I realized that there are swarms of people fighting the fight of an “entrepreneur”, someone who Richard Cantillon defined as: the person who pays a certain price for a product to resell it at an uncertain price.

Let that definition sink in.

The entrepreneurial spirit is not solely harbored by those trying to foster a business where none was before. It is personified by those who give up assurance to explore vulnerability and curiosity.

You can find an entrepreneur in:

  • The man who takes a chance loving a woman, although he is unsure of the outcome.
  • The nurse who accepts a patient’s pessimism and anger, and returns it with optimism and care.
  • The busboy who approaches his the restaurant owner with a suggestion for how to make the company more efficient.

What the fu*k are you doing? is the battle cry of the entrepreneurial way. It is for those who look out into the wilderness before them, holding a map with no boundaries, and decide to start walking anyway.

It is an ode to the person who does what she does not because she is sure of the outcome, but because she is sure she can find a better way to do something.

It’s humbling to think that every company or change instilled at a company was started by someone or a small group of people who didn’t accept the status quo as the way it always had to be. They pushed, even though the iceberg they were trying to move didn’t want to change directions with the greatest of ease.

If you’re jumping into the entrepreneurial process in some manner or another know that more often than not, you’ll doubt the very thing you set out to do. Understand that a) it’s normal and b) you’re not alone.

What am I actually doing? Some days I feel like I have no idea but be that as it may, I keep going. In the end, that’s the doingperseverance through the lens of unpredictability. 

Today I salute all those who doubt themselves but still inch forward because they simply can’t not do it.

Thanks for giving up the comforts of certainty to see if a dose of uncertainty can make things just a little better in the world you experience.

Thanks for inspiring me.

**How are you embracing the entrepreneurial spirit in your life/career?**

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