Unicorn Empanadas And The Secrets Of Selling


When the waitress told us that she had unicorn empanadas on her appetizer tray, we were thrilled. Who wouldn’t be? Where did she GET these things?

In reality they were just bean and corn empanadas, but in the process of misunderstanding her, she accidentally sold us an emotion. We smiled, we laughed. We wanted more of them. We knew we weren’t actually eating grass fed mythology, but we didn’t care. The thought of it made us feel something, and in this case it was: prestige. It wasn’t that the product was prestigious, it was that we ourselves were prestigious.

You’re going to be eating something magical here. Let’s not worry about how we were able to put the innards of an imaginary beast inside a tiny empanada without the galaxy or the authorities knowing about it, but you’re that special to be enjoying it.

The empanadas tasted better than they should have because of the perception of what they were and how that made us feel about ourselves.

Same rules go for whatever we are selling online. Sadly, we don’t get a do-over via “…but I meant…”

People don’t buy the features or the description of your product, they buy because you’ve clearly communicated the value and benefit of what you’re selling.

When it comes to a product:

  • A feature is what something is. (Automatic-payments)
  • A benefit is what something does. (Gives you peace of mind so you can _______ instead)

When it comes to a service:

  • A feature is what you do. (I have coaching calls with my clients.)
  • A benefit is what you do…for other people. (I help my clients finish the things they can’t figure out how to.)

But you can’t know the benefit of your product until you know who your product is for. Know what your customers think, what they stress about, what they value and why they value it, and show them how your product can be the unicorn empanada that enhances the experiences and emotions they yearn for.

What are you selling?

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