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I’m as big of a music nut as any of you. Everyday I download new music. I know the feeling of sharing a new song with your friend. You feel as if you were the one who actually produced that song. There is ownership when introducing something new to someone even if all you were was the next person in line in the game of telephone.

However, for as much as music is a part of my life, I seem to do a good majority of my reading on the 15 minute subway ride I have to and from work. It might sound like nothing. What’s 15 minutes? You can listen to maybe 3-4 songs in that time. But when I extrapolate that time over a week and all of a sudden, I’ve done 2.5 hours of uninterrupted reading. Depending on your reading speed, you should be able to read at least 1 page a minute, give or take. So in a week’s time I’ve read 150 pages. Whaaaaa? you say? Yes, it’s math. 15 pages to work and 15 pages back. But ok, I’ll give you 3 minutes to people watch and take in the sites. So 12 pages in 15 minutes is a fair assessment.

Whatever it is, turning your ipod off, not playing video games at times when you can be reading will forever help you out more than you realize. I practically did 70% of my reading for my MBA going to and from work.

Maximize what I call “stationary time”. If you’re on a subway, a bus or even in your car in traffic, read or listen to an e-book about a topic you want to learn more of. Yeah you want to get somewhere in life but you’re going to have to educate yourself before you get there. Use your stationary time wisely.

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