Things Don’t Happen For A Reason


Things don’t happen for a reason. At least not in the way people use the statement.

I used to think that I knew exactly what doors would open or what opportunities would be presented to me before I went to an event, meeting, class or whatever.  But systematically, every time I thought I knew the exact manner that a night or a day would unfold, I was completely mistaken.

There was no way for me to prepare for running into that one person who happened to have a connection to another person whom I have been trying to contact for some time.  I couldn’t prepare for the wisdom or insight that my seemingly unimportant conversation with a stranger led to.

You can’t live you’re life holding on to your dreams or goals, constantly thinking that you know how it’s going to unfold.  One thing I can assure you of is that it won’t unfold in the manner that you prepared.  Dots aren’t connected looking forward, they connect looking back.

This is why I can’t stand the statement, “Things Happen for a Reason”. I hate it because it’s usually said by someone who does not know the entire situation regarding some facts and they think that it is easier to comment on the outcome of something than to really know or care to know about what went into the decision.

Success does happen for a reason and it’s usually damn hard work.  Putting the time in, connecting with people, getting feedback, studying, learning, etc.  Keep throwing darts at the dartboard and good things are bound to happen. But don’t let anyone reduce a success or a failure by saying, “Things happen for a reason.”  You are in control of your life. You – more than any outside factor – are the reason things happen in your life, good or bad.

Take control. Make things happen. Keep throwing darts.

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    August 1, 2016


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