The Nobility Of Victimhood


I can’t, because…
You just don’t understand.
I have the worst luck.
Nothing good ever happens to me.
I am so stressed out.

When we want to take the stand of a victim, we’re hard-pressed to let anyone convince us to get us off the rock we have situated ourselves on. We act like we’re doing something noble or defending some grand position and we expect all the sympathy that goes along with that, when in fact, playing the victim is waving life’s white flag.

We sometimes spend so much energy convincing those around us that we are the victim in: (name your situation) that you wonder what would happen if we took that energy and instead, actually asked for help.

There is no “out” from self-convinced victimhood. It’s a cul-de-sac of feces.Once in it, we’ve basically surrendered our right to try new avenues (literally). It might feel good to blame the world and discriminate against all those who “put us” in this position but what we wouldn’t get in life is what we want.

And that’s the kicker.

We can bitch, complain and point fingers at anyone and everything in our lives but in the end, we’re still stuck with our lives when the dust settles. Are we going to let that dust settle on our clothes or are we going to brush it off and dare to live another day?

Instead of complaining to those around you, ask for their help and be willing to ask yourself the question: Am I doing everything I can to better my situation? We’re all more apt to help someone who is truly fighting for the things he wants in life, rather than the person who is hell bent on telling us how hard life is fighting to keep him from getting what he wants.

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