The Happiness Trick


It is said that those that are happier, smile more. That seems to make sense. But did you know that it works the other way too? If you smile more you will be happier. Literally, flexing those muscles, pulling your cheeks up and squinting your eyes can bring your more happiness. See ———-> 🙂 *ting* (The flashy white teeth sound.)

So I started thinking, what is something that you can do to get yourself to be happier? Simpler than breathing exercises, easier than realizing all the good things in your life and quicker than watching a funny movie. I’m talking about what you can do right this very second.


Seriously. When has a human being whistled other than in a state of relaxation or happiness? You might say, “When he’s hiding something.” Ah yes, the ‘ol hands in the pocket and whistling “Dum Dee Dum” as you walk away from the crime scene. But eventhat is supposed to be done to portray an image of happiness and no wrongdoing, right?

When was the last time you were so angry you could just…just…whistle?

Maybe it’s the act.
Maybe it’s the funny shape your lips have to go in.
Maybe it’s because it’s the complete opposite of venting, complaining or shouting.
Maybe you think of the song “Whistle While You Work” in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs or the tens of other shows and movies it’s been in.
Maybe it’s funny because 87% of the time (not verified) we’re whistling some made up tune.

Whatever it is, whistling lightens your mood. Do it. Try it right now. Tell me you don’t feel better than you did 5 seconds ago. Will whistling completely change the fact that you just lost your job or had something terrible happen in your life? No. I’m talking about those times when you’re in a rut for a reason unbeknownst to you. Whistling might just break up the paralyzing hold hold that “a funk” had on you.

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