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In today’s world you can’t go 2 feet without some book trying to give you the secrets to a better, faster, stronger life in half, a quarter, a tenth the amount of steps. Sounds great. Where do I sign up? (Nothing against the autoharp, of course.) After all, who wouldn’t like to take less steps to get to a better result? Shake Weight anyone? However, when you dive into these books and if the book is worth its weight in formable dirt, you realize that underneath the veneer of “5 Easy Ways To…” lies the foundation of experience, grit, tinkering and perspective. You can design the coolest bicycle with the sleekest design, carbon fiber technology, and non-testicle crushing seat but it’s not a bike if it doesn’t have wheels to ride on. No wheels, no success.

One of the catchier books is The 4-Hour Work Week. Its title is enough to draw in anyone and there is so much good stuff in there that no matter what your dreams or goals are, you can take something positive and use it to your advantage. But Tim would be the first to tell you that the very idea of a “4-Hour Work Week” or however you want to describe automating income in your life, is rooted in a ton of hours a week. That’s the part people don’t like to hear about. To get to 4, you have to put in 80. Tim had to put in hours of work to give us the framework and the do-s and don’t-s of tens of things. But make no mistake, even if you had a virtual assistant, a muse, or whatever…it still takes getting your feet wet and exerting a little sweat. There is no Splenda for the sugar that is a little dirt under the nails.

To get to a 4-hour workweek or the losing of excess weight or the realization of your manuscript, work is a must. It’s physics really. If that rock at the bottom of the hill has to get to the top of the hill, you can come up with all the contraptions and methods to get it up there but no matter the invention or the muscle used, someone or something is doing the work. You can’t ninja mass times distance.

Use these types of books as guardrails that keep you from demolishing yourself – laterally; so while they’ll keep you physically on the road of life, you still have to be the one that propels yourself forward.

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