The Baron Of Burden


When people are asked what their biggest fear is while chasing a goal, their answer is often, the fear of failure. True. We are afraid of what people would think if we didn’t reach our goal, how much time we would have wasted, and if life would be telling us that we are not good enough for whatever endeavor was being pursued. That’s heavy.

But there is a fear more powerful than failure: the fear of success. Yeah, we have our hobbies or our projects that we’re working on, but what if it really takes off. What if now we’re:

being interviewed?
on TV?
preparing to give a TED talk?
speaking at conferences?
answering critics?
reading negative press?
hiring employees that we are responsible for?
leading something that we could lose?
gaining clients?

Could we handle it?

Knowing why you’re doing something is important to defend against the Duke of Doubt who roams the mind’s expanses questioning your every move. You need to be able to tell him that failure doesn’t matter, that you believe in yourself, that it is your passion and that happiness is what is most important.

But if your project/dreams really succeed, do you have enough energy to fend off theBaron of Burden? Are you ready:

to leave your 9-5?
to have your personal relationships struggle?
to really lose sleep?
for the responsibility that goes with success?
to have people look up to you?
to manage health-care plans, tax deductions and fundraising events?
to handle schmoozing, investors, living out of a suitcase, growth, expansion and litigation?

Are you ready to be great?

It’s easier to be led. It’s harder to lead. Are you ready to lead? Are you ready to be more powerful than you can possibly imagine? Because that will happen with success. You will have power; power to influence, power to guide, power to lead, power to bloom.

People will look to you for answers, insight and advice. The Duke of Doubt is the first guy to slay. The Baron of Burden comes after him.

Are you ready? Are you ready for the battle? Are you ready to figure out what’s next?

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