The 3 Words You Need To Hear Every Potential Customer Say


In the beginning, the point of your website, your resume, your intro or your pitch isn’t to get someone to buy from you, to hire you, to join you or to to invest with you.

You and your product don’t sell themselves yet. Chances are, you’re not a new car, you’re not a box of nails, you’re not a roll of toilet paper, you’re not Tony Robbins, and you’re not Oprah Winfrey (Hi Oprah and Tony).

So you have to start with selling something else: relatability, a bond, or some connection where the reaction from your potential customer, follower or tribe member is some version of:

Tell me more.

We usually skip that part.

If you force someone to say yes or no too quickly (Buy now!) you run the risk of the connection you’re building or the utility of your product not being strong enough to warrant the buy. That’s your fault.

People don’t like to be sold, they like to choose.

“Tell me more” is them granting you permission to continue the conversation. It’s the foundation of the long play and the soft sell.

It’s all about your best interest vs. their best interest. Anyone being sold to wants to see in your eyes (or your words) that it’s their best interest you’re looking out for, not your own.

Are you doing that?

Ask Yourself This…

Pretending that you didn’t know anything about you, does looking at your website or hearing your own pitch make you want to say, “Tell me more,” or do you just want to go check your email for the hundredth time this hour?

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