Team Victim Vs. Team Vulnerable – Pick A Side


It’s Team Validation vs. Team Creation
Team Should vs. Team Will
Team Facebook vs. Team Face time
Team Tweet vs. Team Street

It’s Team Victim vs. Team Vulnerable. Who’s team are you on?

Team Victim dwells
Team Vulnerable acts

Team Victim cries
Team Vulnerable fights

Team Victim claims
Team Vulnerable sweats

Team Victim pretends
Team Vulnerable tries

Team Victim wants support
Team Vulnerable wants results

Team Victim shows scratches
Team Vulnerable prides scars

Team Victim never wins
Team Vulnerable always learns

Team Victim wants luck
Team Vulnerable gets unstuck

Team Victim wonders what didn’t go right
Team Vulnerable gives until there’s nothing left

Victimization masks itself as vulnerability like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Playing a victim is a social drug because it is our way of rousing up support and consolation even when it is undeserved. And when we take the stand as a victim, we’re hard-pressed to not let anyone convince us to get off the rock we have situated ourselves on. We act like we’re doing something noble or defending some grand position and we expect all the sympathy that goes along with that, when in fact, playing the victim is waving life’s white flag.

There is no “out” from self-convinced victimhood. It’s a Cul-de-sac of feces.

It’s Team Victim vs. Team Vulnerable. Whose team are you on?

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