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Life In The Time Of Distraction


Ding. Push. Buzz. Click. Swipe. Fetch. We used to have to just keep up with the Joneses. But since the advent of the Internet, it’s the Smiths, the Andersons, the Sasakis, the Garcias. It’s work, it’s play, it’s passions, it’s purpose, it’s people, it’s potential. It’s newsletters, it’s go getters, it’s unfettered. At work, at rest, in-person ...

The Secret To Why The Secret To Getting Things Done Isn’t Working For You


Not sure where to look while walking through world-famous Times Square? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. With massive digital billboards whose bright lights make midnight look like mid-afternoon; star-studded Broadway and Off-Broadway shows (and reduced – price tickets to see them available from the TKTS Discount Booth); people peddling art and jewelry on the street; and, of course, the Naked Cowboy — who plays guitar in his tighty-whities — the expansive stretch of Midtown is a feast for all five senses.

Reduce Inbox Insanity: 7 Time-Saving Email Tools That Keep Me From Crying


The email inbox has become the domestic housecat of our existence. If we neglect it, we’re afraid it might hunt us and kill us. We humans send well over 100 trillion emails a year. No, that isn’t a madeup number to emphasize “a lot”, it’s reality. One hundred. Trillion. We can’t conceptualize that but it just ...