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Get Everything You Want With This One Magical Word


We all want more of something in life. Money, time, customers, influence, respect, responsibility, free time, love, sex, happiness. And one word gets us all of that. It’s not luck, it’s not passion, and it’s not hard work. It’s leverage. leverage (n): to use (a quality or advantage) to obtain a desired effect or result. Leverage is the force you ...

Give A Damn


Give a damn. It’s that simple. Try something. Find a cause. Fight for it. Have a passion. Read a book. Sew. Make art. Clean your room. Plant some flowers. Cook. Tutor. Volunteer. Not because of the accolades or the money any of those would bring, but simply because doing so makes you and possibly someone else happy. Do something because you love it, not because you’ve been told ...