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We Should Grab A Coffee Sometime. (Should We?)


Is there anything more deflating than being smothered with an ill-timed “We should grab coffee sometime,” at a networking event? It’s not that the statement itself is wrenching, it’s the assumptions behind it that make it so. “We should grab a coffee sometime,” is typically the go-to line for a “taker” at a networking event. Taker (n): Someone ...

12 Dark – But Hysterical – Emotional Side Effects Of Being A First Time Entrepreneur


If our private thoughts could speak, our businesses would crumble. But if we can’t laugh about that, shame on us. If you’re like me (and a lot of my colleagues), you've been in that deep, dark place as a newbie entrepreneur/business owner/movement starter where you’re so emotionally raw from putting yourself out there time and again, that a ...