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Cahn took her model from her former employer, Google, where she was head of sales and saw the benefits of the open system there. Google didn’t publish individual salaries, but made ranges for roles public, so that employees had a solid sense of exactly where they stood in the company: “Everyone had their levels and tangible steps how to get there.”

Why Travel Matters


(Click here to see a full version of the photo) Why do we travel? Since the rear end of my 2-month global trip currently resides in an endless engagement with an airplane seat 6 miles in the sky, I have had a lot of time to reflect on what the odyssey was all about and what it was ...

33 Things I’ve Never Told You (Or, How To Re-Introduce Yourself And Kick Your Watered-Down Self In The Ass)


The photo of me above was taken in Colombia and I felt it was the best representation of this post. It's surprising, in your face but fun at the same time. The reason for it? Corbett Barr has been someone I’ve looked up to for a while. His site ThinkTraffic is hands down the best resource ...