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Inspiration is gasoline. Yeah Bassam, let’s grab a barrel of it, pour it all over mediocrity and set fire to this motherfu- Whoa whoa whoa. Hold on, Arson Wells. While I appreciate your zest, that’s not the analogy I was going for. Stay with me. Ear muffs, environmentalists. For the places it gets us to, gas is absurdly ...

Team Victim Vs. Team Vulnerable – Pick A Side


It’s Team Validation vs. Team Creation Team Should vs. Team Will Team Facebook vs. Team Face time Team Tweet vs. Team Street It's Team Victim vs. Team Vulnerable. Who’s team are you on? Team Victim dwells Team Vulnerable acts Team Victim cries Team Vulnerable fights Team Victim claims Team Vulnerable sweats Team Victim pretends Team Vulnerable tries Team Victim wants support Team Vulnerable wants results Team Victim shows scratches Team Vulnerable ...