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Goals And Dope


Before we can know how to attack our goals, we first have to understand the two kinds of goals that hoard our daily focus and efforts. They are: benchmarks and deadlines. They both are peppered with to-do lists, meltdowns and all nighters, but the former is personally defined whereas the latter is externally defined. Some Benchmark Goals ...

If A Tree Falls In The Forest, Do You Have To Start A Company To Fill Its Void?


Before the explosion of possibility the information revolution has brought us, the entrepreneurial world seemed like a tough nut to lay your roots into. Everywhere you looked, there was hierarchy, scarcity, and a bunch of old, gargantuan trees looting most of sunlight. So you felt like you had two choices: 1) Be a leaf on a tree ...

Luke Skywalker And Richard Branson Walk Into A Bar


On the eve of me launching my first online course, Ready. Set. Finish. - The Course Your Excuses Don't Want You To Take, I took a minute to look back at all the things I’ve learned about myself, business, life, goals, procrastination, Luke Skywalker and Richard Branson during the entire process over the past couple months. Building ...