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46 Irrational Tendencies Explained In 46 Outlandish Scenarios


We think we make our decisions because we logically thought of something, gave both sides of an argument their fair due, and then made a level-headed choice that most of planet earth would deem sound. In reality, our decisions end up wherever the tempest that is our over-hungry, under-rested, status-needing, short-sighted, maniacal subconscious has thrown our ...

If A Tree Falls In The Forest, Do You Have To Start A Company To Fill Its Void?


Before the explosion of possibility the information revolution has brought us, the entrepreneurial world seemed like a tough nut to lay your roots into. Everywhere you looked, there was hierarchy, scarcity, and a bunch of old, gargantuan trees looting most of sunlight. So you felt like you had two choices: 1) Be a leaf on a tree ...