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50 Miles From Nowhere


Nothing is more damning in the mountains than hubris, yet hubris is fundamental to climbing mountains. All serious mountaineers possess big egos. You cannot take on the risks and constant suffering of big mountains without one. We may talk like Buddhists, but don’t be fooled, we’re actually narcissists—driven, single-minded, masochistic narcissists. Nearly all of us, ...

The One Simple Difference Between Successful & Unsuccessful People


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. My brain started to stockpile descriptions of successful people: good networkers, exquisite communicators, committed, driven, passionate, educated and blessed with strong teams, but the problem was, that cache can look quite similar to those of unsuccessful people. Rats. So I stopped looking at the characterizations they harbored and instead investigated ...

Whose Side Are You On? 3 Little Reasons Why Your Brain Is A Double Agent


The more I think I’m in complete, logical control of all my decisions, the more I realize that I’m fooling myself, flopping around in the shallows between reality and make believe. Whose side is your brain on? Well, that depends on if you’re asking the thinking “you” or the reacting “you”. Our consciousness is often an ...