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Staying on the reading front here. I can’t stress enough how important learning about a particular topic you want to be better at is (knitting, blogging, writing, poker, drawing, ad infinitum). So while I’m sure that the Twilight saga is quite gripping, put it down for something more directly in line with goals you set for yourself. Personally, my reading breakdown at this stage is 90%-10% for non-fiction books to fiction books. Does yours need to be as aggressive as this? No, but a 3:1 ratio would be helpful.

Since I read about 20 books a year that means that I’m reading 18 non-fiction books and 2 fiction books every 12 months. I’d love to read The Brothers Karamozov but it can wait. If I never get to it I hope it was because I was chasing my dreams. God knows Dostoevsky passed up on some books he wanted to read so that he could write his own.

I’m not saying that there aren’t great fictional books that can inspire and bring you great joy, after all some of my favorite books are fictional, but its knowing when to read them that is key. There’s nothing like the mental break of a grade-A novel.

NOTE: You can over-read. Preparing and researching is great, but you can’t do it forever. You can watch and study all the basketball you want but until you figure out how to play, you will never be part of the game. As the saying goes, “Writer’s write.”

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