Or You Can Do Nothing


There are two options. You can try or you can decide not to try. These are clear, definitive choices, both of which take a firm commitment to adhere to.

Ok I lied. There is also a third choice: do nothing. This is the decision that most of us end up choosing because it leaves our options open, just in case. Why commit to something when you can just wait for the perfect timing to really make up your mind?

Doing nothing might feel like a respectable choice because the fear of failure (to try) and the fear of letting go (to not try) are greater than the displeasure of doing nothing.

Unfortunately, the displeasure is not merely a rock in your shoe, it is an infection.

Eventually the years progress and that choice to do nothing has grown gangrenous and your options get snuffed out like the slow squeeze of a python.

If you do nothing today, you don’t get to bank that day later in life.

Doing nothing is not a pause button.

Doing nothing is sitting wayward at sea hoping that one day the tides will shift, the winds will turn and your boat will either be pushed to the mainland or to a distant island. But while you wait, there is a pinhole puncture in the bottom of your hull. You don’t feel that you’re taking on water but you are, and it’s only going to get worse – unnoticeably so – until it’s too late.

Are you willing to play that game?

Doing nothing is a choice, a choice just as serious as committing to or not committing to something. It’s just not one we ever tell people we are proud of.

Decision is the ultimate power. What will you choose?

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