Now You Can Finally Touch It


My book, that is!  The hard copy and digital versions are officially available on I know, I know. Why would you snag either of those when you’ve already given up everything else in your life and read the free pdf that I sent you? Well let’s be honest, that’s because:

  • You skimmed the pdf copy and forgot to go back to it
  • You missed that other email altogether so now you’re going to find that free copy of it
  • The person in your life who could benefit most from this would feel more guilty about not reading a physical book you got them than they would not clicking on a link you forwarded them
  • You tried printing the pdf version but forgot to put it on black and white and so now your teal and lime green ink cartridges have run out
  • You tried forwarding it to people at work but for those without a gmail account, sending over +9MB’s got you a talking to from IT and a questioning as to what counter-intuitive propaganda you are sending people from a guy with an Arabic name?

Regardless, whether you purchase the book online or you’re happy nestling next to the pdf version on your screen, I’d love it if you could leave the book a review on

Reviews help the spread, reach and findability of the book (but not the grammar of its author) so that people who might never see it, see it.

Ok, that’s it and that’s all. I hope you enjoy (or have enjoyed) In 5 Years You’ll Be Wrong. Spread it far and spread it wide this holiday season.

If you had no intention of reading it, let me at least share with you the chapter titles that you’ll be missing, to remind you that if you don’t read it, your literary life will now always be short of complete:

The Lighter Truth

Image is everything, at first
You will always doubt yourself
No adult ever feels grown up
Ignorance is bliss, but it can’t vote
Emotions are contagious

The Simple Things

Embrace the long thought
There is no such thing as common sense
Write more effective emails
Follow up or die
Know when to let it go
The best time to build your network is before you need it
Don’t hang up the phone angry with your mother
Your siblings are more important than your parents
Read more books

The Tough Love

 You can’t rush experience
Things don’t happen for a reason
In 5 years you’ll be wrong
Some days will suck
Don’t be afraid to be broke, be afraid to stay broke
“Dream jobs” are a side effect of mastery
The problem with meaningful work

Ok, This Is Going To Sting

The world owes you nothing

Other People

The cost of being cool
Online authenticity vs. digital masturbation
If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room
We don’t want to accomplish our goals
We do care what people think
If you can put yourself in the shoes of an outsider, you win


Just like your mood, success is a mindset
Happiness isn’t reached, it’s tended to
Successful people finish shit


Inspiration is cheap
Don’t change the world, change the moment
“Should” is the worst word in the English language
No one cares more about your goals than you do

Do Something

It doesn’t exist if you don’t write it down
Your first draft is never very good
Your inbox is not your to-do list
Have more average days
Danger is real but fear is our reaction to danger
Death by research is no way to live
Go to sleep
You are not a cyborg
There’s time if you want there to be time
Do less than you’re capable of
Make third gear sexy

Hiring Yourself

Starting a business means you’ll have less free time, not more
No one is thinking of creative ways to give you money
People don’t want to know what you do
No one’s going to steal your idea
Nothing is nothing until it’s something
Efficiency runs businesses, inefficiency starts them
Piss someone off


There is no such thing as the one
Foxholes, not sunsets
Men are weak
Less gawking


Learn something new
Have longer dinners with friends
The rules of partying
Your smile might save someone’s life
Travel will change you
Board the plane last
Don’t trust English-speaking tuk tuk drivers

Random, But Necessary

You are traffic
Don’t put the coins on top of the bills
Rinse and squeeze dry the sponge


You can live a publicly quiet life and still do the things you love


Oh and some of you will be happy to know that I have started writing that book about my Mongol Rally experience. Stay tuned for updates on that and all else!

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  • Elizabeth
    September 11, 2015

    There may be others champing at the bit, but Ralph Lauren’s spring collection proves that he remains the master of all-American fashion. From the blue-and-white striped top paired with a navy floral skirt and accented with a neck scarf, to the matching twinset—its cardigan tied at the waist of a pair of periwinkle pants—the effort was a welcome departure from the decadence we so often expect from a fashion show. (Well, at least most fashion shows.) Lauren also made a great case for the brown leather belt. It will certainly be at the top of many spring shopping lists

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