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Next year
Next time
What’s next?
I’ll get there
I haven’t made it yet
One day
I need to
I should be
In 5 years
Life insurance
College funds

Clearly, we’re obsessed with tomorrow. To fix what we’ve done wrong, to prove we’ve chosen right, to get to where we want to be, and to leave where we’ve always been.

Thinking about tomorrow is of course necessary, and that preparation ability and pattern recognition is really what makes us the dominant megafauna on the planet. We have the ability to predict outside of the immediate. That’s good so that we don’t do something idiotic and live each day like it was our last one on earth.

But my my how tomorrow’s chance of clouds blocks today’s sun.

There is no universal summit in life, there is no galactic “there.” There’s only an imperceptibly large sphere in space that is your life. And like the guy on the beach in Sydney, LA, Cape Town, Hawaii or Montauk, the sand is in between his toes, the ocean is straight out and the sky is overhead.

Wherever you are is “right side up.” 

That’s all we have. That’s the only guarantee we get. Make sure you pause and enjoy it from time to time and wherever possible, save some of tomorrow’s troubles for tomorrow.

Because if we’re always addicted to what’s next, we’ll never fully enjoy what’s now.

Today is not a rehearsal.

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