Knowledge Is Leverage


A good friend of mine and business partner in the Nomading Film Festival, Josh Wolff, has a statement he tells his students: Knowledge is leverage. It’s so simple but it’s so true. At every turn, knowledge bolsters your commitment, strengthens your credibility and improves your confidence.

So in that light, failure is learning. Learning is knowledge and knowledge is leverage. If you’re not willing to fail at something, then you’re going to be hard pressed to learn everything you can. A bloody knee is 10 times more valuable than always keeping the training wheels on and wondering what life might be like on 2 wheels. Eventually the training wheels have to come off. As terrifying as it may be sometimes, like that first bloody knee, it is the worst it’s going to get. It will only get better.

Take the first step. Don’t fail by never starting. There’s nothing more painful than to watch someone convince themselves of failure before the task has been attempted. Anxiety, sleepless nights and pre-stress end up derailing a project when a simple attempt would have gotten the ball rolling weeks ago. If you simply start, before you know it, the bloody knee is a scab and you’re zipping around on your bike amazed at your capabilities and at the freedom you have created for yourself.

Don’t let someone else live the life you want to live because you were too afraid to start.

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