How To Stop Time


People are always saying that they wish there were more hours in a day to get stuff done. Let’s analyze a 24 hour period and find out how much time the average person really has. Let’s say our average workday is broken up like this:

  • 7 hours of sleep
  • 15 minutes for breakfast
  • 30 minutes to get ready for work
  • 45 minutes to commute to work
  • 9 hours at work
  • 45 minutes commute home
  • 1.5 hours working out (including going to gym and coming home)
  • 45 minutes for dinner
  • 60 minutes for TV/web at home
  • 30 minutes for web/email at home
  • 10 minutes on the toilet

That’s 22 hours and 10 minutes. That leaves us 1 hour and 50 minutes EVERY DAY. Free. To do as we wish. And look at the things I was allotting for! Let’s be honest:

  • We don’t all commute 1.5 hours each day
  • We don’t all work 9 hours a day
  • We don’t all workout 1.5 hours every day

Of course, there are days we go out and get drinks with friends, go on dates, go to football games, raise children, take naps, or work late, but what I was trying to do was give a snapshot of an average day for the average person. I think I was being fair. In addition, I didn’t even count weekends, which are 29% of our days.

If you studied Spanish for only 1 hour a day, that is 7 hours a week, 28 hours a month or 15 full days of concentrated, uninterrupted studying a year. Yeah, you might not be a translator for the U.N at the end of the year, but you will be something. You will be much better at speaking Spanish.

Do you know what else we could do in 15 days time? We could go to the moon and back…twice. We could read over 40 books. We could run 2100 miles. Typing at 50 words per minute, you could write 17 novels. At a 9-minute mile pace, we could run from NYC to Salt Lake City in our absolute “Free time”. No, I don’t know your life and all the responsibilities you have but the point is, there’s time if we want there to be time. There is never as much as we want, I can assure you that, but there is enough for us to grasp.

We have to believe we can do something. We have to want to do something and we have to use the time available to get there. While we can’t stop time like Neo, we can’t always blame the clock either.

What are you doing today in your free time? Tick. Tock.

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