How Many More Motivational Quotes Do You Really Need?


You can have all the:

best intentions
weekends away
cups of coffee
good night’s rest
group pow-wows
self-help books
new notebooks
sharpened pencils
downloaded classes
implied meaning
signs from heaven
“I’ll start next week” declarations
and pontifications (not a word)

You can have the inspiration, enthusiasm and passion of drinking a double chai grande latte with a shot of mind maps and unicorns while over-looking the Rainbow River but there will come a time where it’s you vs. the work.

The undefined, uncertain, unapologetic, work.

A good quote is there for you when you don’t think you can. But when you finally think you might, you still sit at the precipice of choice between having the will to do or the wherewithal to forgo.

Why aren’t you doing what you want to do?
Is it really because you haven’t found the perfect quote to inspire you?
Is it because you’re scared?
Is it because you don’t know enough? Have enough? Make enough?

Find the answers to those first because the more motivation you seek, the more you’re ignoring what it is you’re really afraid of.

Motivational quotes are like Tinder. There is an illusion that the best one for you might be the next one you see. The only problem is, the quote never chooses you.

The facade of a perfect quote will never hide the void behind your front door. Let your actions be your own inspiration. Let you spark the rise of you.

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