Grit Cakes


Grit Cakes (n) – the food life feeds you when you’re struggling; what you’re metaphorically eating when your nose is to the grindstone;

We lie. We lie a lot. Not hurtful lies, but lies nonetheless.

– How’s it going?
– Things are great! … I’m good…

Really? Are you?

We’re so afraid to struggle, or to make it look like we are remotely struggling, because we’re afraid of what people might say if they knew we weren’t as happy as we said we were, or as happy as our Facebook status/photos claimed we were. We’re gutted at the idea that someone might think we need help and we’re annoyed that someone’s life might be unfolding better than our own.

But what we’re forgetting is that history, including our own personal history, is written in the trenches.

No one likes a story where everything works out as planned. Without a struggle of some sort, where do lessons learned come from then? Where does perspective come from? Where does moxie come from? If everything went as planned and everything was always fine, then we wouldn’t have:

late night radio
self help books
motivational speakers
Hallmark Cards
ice cream
New Year’s Resolutions
broken promises

We’d be cyborgs.

Progress in life is directly proportional to the dirt under our fingernails. Success comes from the strife we endure and the effort we exude. Life is made up of peaks and valleys. Stay humble in the highs, stay hungry in the lows.

It is said that we are at our happiest when we are attempting something difficult but attainable. It is that unknown, yet reachable territory that excites us. When we hit that territory, it’s magical. However, even after hours, days or months of work, we don’t always get there.

But it’s ok to eat a face full of grit cakes every now and then. It keeps us level. We always learn something along the way so no honest endeavor is ever a wasted one. It didn’t work out as planned? You’re life isn’t going according to your “If Everything Were Perfect” memoir? I say good riddance! There is no substitute for busting your butt.

Struggling when chasing a dream reminds you that you need people to lean on, that we need to vent, regroup, relax, reset, rethink, retry, and get ready to fight all over again. Our story will be a much better read when it’s all said and done. Moments of clarity in my life have always presented themselves after periods of uncertainty.

Embrace the suck. Enjoy the grit cakes. It’s good for us. It will make us better. And if we’re not trying to get better every day, shame on us. Always Be Better.

Anyone eat their own fair share of grit cakes recently? What did you learn from it?

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