Give A Damn


Give a damn. It’s that simple.

Try something.
Find a cause.
Fight for it.
Have a passion.
Read a book.
Make art.
Clean your room.
Plant some flowers.

Not because of the accolades or the money any of those would bring, but simply because doing so makes you and possibly someone else happy. Do something because you love it, not because you’ve been told to do it, not because other people are doing it, and not because it’s what you’ve always done.

Couldn’t care more.

Everyday that goes by is a day closer to your death. How you fill the time in between birth and death is up to you. Don’t be that person on his last breaths wishing that he would have tried something else.

Galactically you don’t matter. Don’t fret. You know you’re going to die. You know life will go on without you and none of this will matter. Let that thought empower you. Figure out what you need to do so you don’t die with regrets.

The tides of life don’t care about you. The ebb and flow of the ether of existence will wear your rock down to a stub in due time, like it’s done to all the rocks before you, so you might as well show it what you’ve got while you’re here.

Start a movement.
Start a company.
Start a screenplay.
Start a blog.

Find a purpose. Help other people find theirs. Nothing else matters. Purpose awakens from a loving heart. Love yourself. Love your neighbor. Love somebody.

Say something nice to someone because giving a compliment is free but its effects are priceless. Smile more. Do things that make you smile. Help other people show off their dimples. Have fun.

Do something for yourself. Do something for a stranger. Do something for the billions of people who have
sweat and died before you
and yet never had anything close to the opportunities you have at your fingertips.

Give a damn. For goddsake, give a damn about something.

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