First World Problems


This past weekend I was hanging out with a good friend, Antonio Neves, talking life, goals, Colipera and his movement, ThinqAction. For one reason or another, something triggered in my head that I hadn’t bought Fish Oil pills at the store that day. I was mildly annoyed and I vocalized this fact. Antonio laughed and said, “Ah, first world problems.”

Like it or not, growing up in a 1st world country is a gift and a responsibility put on my (your, our) shoulders that I cannot walk away from. No matter how stressful my life gets, not having Fish Oil pills is a lot better than not having any fish.

Having too many choices, too many friends to see, too many things to do is not a reason to implode or feel helpless. No one will ever feel sorry for us for having the choices we get to make. It’s easy to mistake the trees for the forest at any point because we only know the dramas and the tribulations we know, but it’s also important to ground ourselves at some point of the day (when we wake up, before we go to bed) and be thankful for the things, opportunities and prospects we have at our disposal.

While we should never feel guilty for having these possibilities afforded to us (after all, we didn’t choose to grow up when and where we did), we should forever feel grateful and always make sure we live a life worthy of those gifts, even if we stumble or feel lost from time to time.

In my humble opinion, that is our duty as 1st world citizens.

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