Fear’s Biggest Fear


From Goliath to Bowser, we have learned that everything has a weakness. But what about fear? That big, imposing, paralyzing (although evolutionary quite useful, at times) trait of ours has to have a soft spot, right? After all, what are we so afraid of?

Fear is the erosion of our mind’s mountain of attention. The only way to withstand the relentless barrage on our structure is to strengthen our attention wall. Just like aretention wall holds back earth from tumbling down, our attention wall stops fear from destroying what we’ve built.

As Sarano Kelley wrote: “Believe it or not, if you pay enough attention to anything, you’ll learn to love it. You don’t love things when you’re not present to them, and fear or anxiety is destroying your focus.” So we have to win back the battle by not allowing fear and its even more precarious brother, anxiety, to take over our brain by giving it an honest dose of concentration.

Like water, fear will find any crevice available in order to do its destabilizing work; whether those crevices are provided by indecision, doubt, exhaustion, or whatever else. Be present in the moments you need to be. Pay attention. Inhale. Exhale. Focus. Find clarity in the task at hand, for if your attention wall is true, fear won’t run down your mountain unimpeded.

(Or to be more fearless, we can be more like a honey badger).

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