Excuses. They’re An SOB

  1. Workout
  2. Go to the store
  3. Work on a project
  4. Do something else you had told yourself you wanted to get done

But that couch might as well be a straight jacket. Its cushions begin to really cradle your butt in a way that makes it impossible to break free. On top of that, you have 500 TV channels to peruse through, or you have plenty of Facebook posts, gossip/sports/entertainment sites to look at. Soon, 5 minutes becomes 25 and that energy you had to do whatever it was you wanted to do is now gone.

I’ll do it tomorrow. Will you?

Inspiration and energy comes and goes not at prescribed times of day. Innovation, in whatever form, cannot be predicted like the ebb and flow of the tides. When it rears its face, you must hold on with everything you got and ride that wave for as long as you can take it. You do this until this action becomes a staple, a habit, a norm in your life that you can’t negotiate yourself out of.

You’ll have excuses until the day you die but you don’t want to have regret on the day you do.

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