Can’t Vs. Won’t


You can’t do something or you won’t do something? There’s big difference. We often use can’t when we really mean won’t.

You can’t write tonight because you don’t have any hands.
You can’t workout tonight because you’re in a coma.
You can’t start a business because you are an inanimate object.

You won’t write tonight now because you’re tired.
You won’t workout tonight because you didn’t leave the office at a good time.
You won’t start a business because you are scared, unsure, uncommitted.

Just because you will not do something, doesn’t mean you cannot do that something.

Can’t presupposes inability.
Won’t insinuates choice.

Hang on to choice with everything you have. As long as it’s a choice of yours, you always have the option of doing it. As soon as can’t enters the lexicon, your fate is sealed.

Are some can’t-s in your life merely mislabeled won’t-s?

(SIDE NOTE: For those that didn’t see it, I wrote a guest post on the idonethis blog. Check it out!)

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