Adam And Eve Are Too Nice


Our brains don’t enjoy being overtaxed. When our lives are filled with stress and we are juggling 10 different things, we don’t like thinking about religion, politics, or our opinions on social welfare topics because those take effort and our brain enjoys the path of least resistance like the duo of water and gravity.

It’s the same argument used to explain why some people like the idea that God created things as they are: because that idea is nice. The reality of evolution is complex, complicated, and unforgiving. People don’t like the idea of carbon dating, mutations, millions of years, DNA sequencing, random variations, gene activation, protein folds and amino acid chains because it’s damn complicated. God created Adam and Eve and all the plants and animals. Now let’s go watch some football.

The same “easy = true” mentality goes with your tasks/goals. We accomplish much more when we can shave off all the BS and instead just focus on the the thing that needs to get done because to a tired brain, difficult = false.

Difficult = Well I have to do my Christmas shopping but I really wanted to write my blog post first. Ugh. Crap, did I buy dish detergent? I don’t think so. Shit, it’s already 10AM and I have to meet Mike at 2PM to watch the game and then I’ll try to call my mom back. Or, I can call my mom tomorrow…but then again I’m supposed to go to that Happy Hour tomorrow night but I think Lisa is gonna be there. God, I don’t want to see her. She’s always projecting and talking down to me, which is even more reason I want to get my blog post up. God, I’m cranky. Maybe I should workout first before I do anything. Oh, and then I can run to the farmer’s market. That sounds good…Ok, wait. What the hell am I doing right now? Screw it. This is stressing me out. I can’t think. I’m gonna see who’s on Facebook right now. That’s so much easier.

Easy = Eat my breakfast. Write for 30 minutes. Go running. Get in shower and then get dressed. Write until 1:15. Call mom at 1:15. Leave house at 1:30 to meet Mike for the game. Eat, cheer and be merry. I’ll reassess my night after that.

When it comes to managing tasks, keep things as easy as possible. That doesn’t mean that you have to dumb your life down and not use your brain, quite the contrary actually. Let your brain blossom without all that ambient noise of BS and you’ll see how sharp it can be when it comes to a difficult task.

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