A Year From Now You’ll Wish You Had Started Today


When Is Enough Prep, Enough Prep?

How many reminders do we need?
How many self help books?
How many RSS feeds, newsletters, and how-to nuggets?
How many tutorials, advice columns, and radio hours?
How many classes, books for dummies or blog posts can we read?

I’ve gotten caught up in it so many times too, but eventually, we have to trust that we’ve done enough research to begin. Being unprepared is a pitfall that many face, but over-researching is just as debilitating.

The Power Of Experience

The research feels good to us because it seems like there is just one more Read-This-Before You-... book we have to finish before we can get underway. It feels good because we get to tell people that we are working on something when in reality we’re only reading what someone else did.

I spent hours and hours reading the Seth Godin’s, Chris Guillebeau’s, Daniel Pink’s and the Scott Belsky’s instead of simply getting started. I had to finally sit at my computer and say, “Ok, Bassam. That is what they created today. What are you going to create?

Who do we want making our omelets, the person with the Egg-Making Library but nary a used pan, or the person with egg yolk all over her smock and cracked egg shells on her counter?

The theoretical is our foundation, someone else’s war stories are the steel supports, but our own experience is the only thing that is going to create depth.

Your Car Can’t Sit In The Garage Forever

At some point that baby needs to be nudged onto the open road.
At some point you have to stop asking questions.
At some point the gas tank is full enough for a test drive.

Sure, the chrome rims haven’t arrived yet and you could use a new paint job, but it will start if you just turn the key. Chances are, you’ll find some joy in taking it out for a spin and you’ll realize there are things you want to tweak instead of the tires and shine.

I’m a man of many analogies, but I think you get the point. Stop reading this blog post and go do something for the next 15 minutes that honestly moves you forward. There wouldn’t be so many books and pieces of advice if there weren’t a million different ways to do something. Learn enough, follow your gut, test, fail, read a little more, retest, get feedback, and try it again.

Go. You know what you have to do, you’re just not doing it.

Note: The very inspirational Christine Hassler had a similar post last week. Check hers out too!

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