A Tiny Thanksgiving Challenge


If you’ve read my stuff before, you know that I am an extremely humbled person to have the opportunities I have in life. So as Thanksgiving approached, I actually started writing a post of all the things I’m thankful for.

But then thought better of it.

While appreciation and gratitude is undoubtedly a key ingredient in living a fulfilled life, I realized that it’s not good enough.

I want to do more than just give thanks, so I challenge all of us over the next few days (and hopefully beyond) to receive more thanks than we give.

I don’t mean you should choke-hold someone into saying thank you or do something solely for the praise you’ll receive, but for those of us in the land of good and plenty it’s not enough to say thank you on a daily basis, it is our duty to act in a way such that the consequence of what we do is

at worst, a sound example that no one happened to see,
and at best is someone acknowledging our actions with a thank you.

Never seek out thanks but always act in a way that its utterance in your direction would be the likeliest of outcomes.

Pick up that piece of trash.
Offer your seat to someone.
Let the person with less groceries go before you.
Hold the door open.
Compliment someone on something they’re wearing.
Donate even a few bucks to charity once a month.
Be human. We’re all insecure. We all struggle with something.
You never know when your smile might save someone’s life.

Although giving thanks is the highest form of vocal currency, talk is cheap. Your actions are your true self. Lead by example.

Don’t just give thanks at this time of year, do something worthy of thanks, just because.

Thank you to all of you for reading what I write, for sending me emails, for giving me feedback, and for calling me out when needed.

Thank you for making me better.

Uh Oh…looks I have to go earn a bunch of “Thank You’s” now. Off I go.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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