Pronounced: Koll-ih-PEAR-uh

Driven by the instruction laid out in the Declaration of Interdependence, Colipera is a 4-week goal setting methodology of doing, ideally created for groups of 3-6 people. It leverages on the idea that peers publicly stating their goals to each other is more likely to inspire action among the whole group than tackling a goal individually would.

(Be patient. It might take a few seconds.)

Colipera Is

Colipera Is Not

  • a place where stumbling is defined as learning
  • a place where your fantasies can’t compare to your capabilities
  • infectious and contagious
  • a human kickstarting movement
  • a place where people feel sorry for themselves
  • a place to judge others
  • going to set goals for you
  • a place where corners are cut