Dear 2014…


So on the first of every month I write about my previous month for 30 minutes. And on Dec 31, I read my “year.” This is the best idea ever. Trust me. Do this next year. After reading about my 2014, I realized I needed to thank it for what happened during its time.

Dear 2014,

In the beginning of your reign, I went to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, tear riddled and mentally clawing at the thin thread of wherewithal that forever felt like it was dangling just out of reach.
You showed me the whites of the eyes of the king of the jungle…and you also thought it funny to have hyenas clawing at our tent.
For 9% of your time, we drove from London to Mongolia and raised over $13,000 for the journey.
I lost 17 pounds on that journey, under your watch by the way. I gained it all back thankfully.
You had my brother get married in your year. YOUR year. Lucky you and lucky us to have been there for it.
All in all you showed me 23 countries, 2014. The most exploratory year yet.
We made the difficult decision of saying “no” to The Ignition Lab. 2012 and 2013 can fill you in on what you missed, silly.
We published a book together. So now you can share that sentiment with 2012. Sorry he was first.
I went on a lot of dates in your year. And now I’m stuck with names like “Michelle OKC” and “Ashley Tinder” in my phone. Thanks.
I also had a lot of fun because of all those dates and met some special individuals that we can always look back to you as when it all started.
I hacked through and wrote a draft of a new TV show pilot while you probably laughed at me.
I can now legally ride motorcycles thanks to you.
When I tell people about the first time I saw the Grand Canyon, I’ll say I saw it with you.
You took my dad to retirement and I got to see him teach his final class.
I saw my friends do amazing things from film premieres to business launches to are-you-kidding-me?! promotions.
You were the year I started paying for haircuts again. Your previous 9 brethren had me cutting my own hair. Shame on them!
And incidentally I also grew a beard, a real beard, for the first time. And people love it, you cheeky bastard! Where were you when I needed you, 1998-2013?
I spoke on panels and universities and companies with you.
I felt guilty taking money from clients who didn’t utilize us as much as they could have but money is a hard thing to say no to.
I finally invested thousands of dollars on web design and copywriting to make my new website just right. It was time to make the professional leap.
And then I spent months of your rule contemplating if that was what I wanted to do at all.
And finally, I decided that it was a great $5,000 lesson because I was about to market a site and service I had no interest doing anymore.
Needless to say, I was in a real professional rut for about half of your existence.
I stopped coaching and decided to become a part of a company’s team again.
I stopped worrying about what “they” think so much.
I published 30,000 words on the blog during your 365 days.
However, I walked away from blogging once a week for the first time in 3 years. But it’s been amazing.
I started writing a third book during your twilight, but 2015 will have to finish it off.
We had knee surgery and physical therapy to enjoy/hate together.
I took my first run in a year with you.
You were the year I started swimming again. Thank you.
I starred in a promotional commercial during your time.
You got a photo of me in one of the 12 French version’s of GQ you oversaw.
But like all good things, you came to an end, 2014. Thanks for the unbelievable ride. You have your work cut out for you, 2015. You don’t need to beat 2014, I just expect you to be interesting. I’m sure you’re up for it. Game on.

Happy New Years, everyone. Thanks for your endless support and for being a big part of my crazy 2014. All the best to you and yours in 2015!