Posted by-Bassam on March 19, 2014
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    Before we can know how to attack our goals, we first have to understand the two kinds of goals that hoard our daily focus and efforts. They are: benchmarks and deadlines. They both are peppered with to-do lists, meltdowns and all Read more...

    Posted by-Bassam on March 12, 2014
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    We all want more of something in life. Money, time, customers, influence, respect, responsibility, free time, love, sex, happiness. And one word gets us all of that. It’s not luck, it’s not passion, and it’s not hard work. Read more...

    Posted by-Bassam on March 5, 2014
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    I’m sure you hear it all the time. I’m the founder of (insert name of something)! I know I've said it a lot. In fact, here’s all the things I've said I was a founder of thus far in my life: Accelerated Frame BroWTF 30 Read more...

    Posted by-Bassam on February 26, 2014
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    I write this as I fly to Las Vegas to be part of Catalyst Week curated by my friends at Rework. The the theme for the week is "Finding Meaning And Purpose In Our Careers," so I figured why not dive head first into that topic in th Read more...

    Posted by-Bassam on February 19, 2014
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    We think we make our decisions because we logically thought of something, gave both sides of an argument their fair due, and then made a level-headed choice that most of planet earth would deem sound. In reality, our decisions en Read more...

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