Set Better Goals. See Them Through.
Colipera = Collective Inspiration + Personal Accountability
Colipera is a free 4-week goal setting & execution methodology that allows *you* to
lean on *us*; It's the social virus for getting things done. Together, be better. Ready
to get infected? - Bassam Tarazi, Creator of Colipera
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  • What the infected are saying
    • I'm already a self-motivator and a results-oriented individual but Colipera made me feel good that I'm helping someone who is in the same boat achieve the results they set out for themselves. We not only achieved the results we projected, we are genuinely happy for each other after the 4-week period.
      -Marivic Guevara; Founder, Rude Monkey Theatre Group

    • Nothing has been more effective than Colipera to get me moving on my projects. I’ve read all the big books on realizing ideas, “The 4 Hour Work Week”, “Making Ideas Happen”, etc. While they all had good points, Colipera is the only one that provides a real working format to turn ideas into action. Even though the session was only supposed to be four weeks long, we unanimously decided to go for a second round of Colipera immediately! Spread the word, spread Colipera!
      - Julian Boxenbaum; Founder, LucidNYC

    • The Colipera method helps you Get. Things. Done. It's as simple as that. It creates a safe, judgement-free environment, where inspiration and passion are contagious. After the first week, I was amazed at what I had physically accomplished on something I had only dreamed of for years.
      -Kiersten Lindelef; Chiropractor & Nutritionist

    How It Works
    Pronounced: Koll-ih-PEAR-uh
    Driven by the instruction laid out in the Declaration of Interdependence, Colipera is a 4-week goal setting methodology of doing, ideally created for groups of 3-6 people. It leverages on the idea that peers publicly stating their goals to each other is more likely to inspire action among the whole group than tackling a goal individually would.
    (Be patient. It might take a few seconds.)
    Colipera Is
    a place where stumbling is defined as learning
    a place where your fantasies can't compare to your capabilities
    infectious and contagious
    a human kickstarting movement
    Colipera is not
    a place where people feel sorry for themselves
    a place to judge others
    going to set goals for you
    a place where corners are cut
    Founder's Story


    "Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task." William James

    One of these 2 realities fits your bill. You’re: 

    • An entrepreneur (of sorts). You’re self-employed but you’re pretty sure that just means that you should be self-medicated. You don’t understand how some people work hard and in return get more money, while you just work hard and in return, do more work. You want real results with a side of sanity but your kryptonite seems to be choice, change, and the chalk of the finish line

    • Not sure what an entrepreneur even is but you want to create something: a blog, a movement, a drawing. A lack of inspiration isn’t your problem. In fact, you surmise that if you see one more quote on a landscape photo, you might have to punch yourself in the face. You’re unsure of not just how to actually finish something but how to choose what to finish.

    The problem isn’t you. The problem is the problem.

    Whoever you are, your approach has to change. Well, change needs a reaction and reactions need catalysts.

    Hi flint. Meet stone.

    Pleased to meet you.

    What I Help You Do

    In order to solve a major undertaking (a project, a book, a sale, a business launch, a blog post even), one very specific thing needs to happen every single day.

    Through my coaching and online programs I help you get whatever you need to get done, DONE. So you can stop feeling like an ass, and start experiencing the success you’re supposed to be experiencing. 

    Because successful people finish shit. Pure and simple.

    But it’s never just about solving problems, is it? It’s about finding the right ones to solve.

    Because if finishing were that easy, you would go online, pick from the hundreds of “How To” or “Top 10 Ways” posts, and simply do what you needed to do.

    Us creative types are famous (infamous?) for “being busy.” It’s our badge and our curse. We secretly love working on a bunch of projects but are rarely able to figure out which ones to finish, which to let go of and how on earth to do either of those things.

    You’re not sure how to spread word of what you’re doing, why no one is coming to your website or how the hell you are going to manage this influx of business growth you so deservedly started seeing.

    You stay up at night wondering if you should be on twitter more, if you need to update your about page, if your idea will even work, if there such a thing as eating too much Nutella? Damnit! What time is it?

    I’ve been there. On the outside you look like you got stuff under control, but inside you look like a hobo thrashing through a maze with no exit.

    Let’s get you a map.


    Who Is Bassam Tarazi?

    My name, Bassam, means: the smiling one. I feel like I couldn’t have a better fitting name. Well, other than one that meant, “Leave no burrito behind.”

    The Summary 

    I help business leaders on not only how to finish and communicate, but how to have the mindset to do it all over again, each and every day. Currently I'm the Director of Business Strategy for both Cava and Omnibuild. I’m the author of The Accountability Effect and In 5 years You'll Be Wrong. I'm the creator of the online course: Ready. Set. Finish.and a co-founder of the 5-day international workshop + adventure for aspiring entrepreneurs (that’s a mouthful), called The Ignition Lab. I, or my work, has been featured in Forbes, Young Entrepreneur, Life Reimagined and many other outlets. I’ve spoken at numerous universities around the country and at the 1-month accelerator, The Bold Academy. An explora-preneur at heart, I’ve also traveled to 66 countries, having had such absurd experiences as getting to Everest Base Camp and the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, convincing Fidel Castro to sign my passport, and being hunted by a pig-tailed macaque in the jungles of Borneo (Long stories. We’ll need some Scotch for those.)

    So How Did I Get Here?

    Funny enough, I wasn’t even “supposed” to do any of this. I’m a degreed mechanical engineer and was a nuclear engineer at Pearl Harbor as my first job out of college. Then a few screenplays, a sunny California detour, a half-decade foray in a multi-million dollar NYC construction business, a Green MBA on the side and a co-founding of a travel film festival later, I was left with immense amounts of adaptability, accountability and finish-ability, which happen to be the 3 most important* -ilities in the entrepreneur’s toolkit.

    *A fact decided by me.

    So How Did I Really Get Here?

    I was always encouraged to live an inquisitive life so I became a scientist of the human experience. I’ve tried, failed and tried again, but I was always taught to be accountable for the things I did or didn’t do. Over my journey, I’ve visited 47 countries, lived in 8 different cities, worked for 4 companies, started 3 of my own, received 2 degrees, wrote 2 screenplays, and have had 1 hell of great time doing it.

    But none of these experiences were handed to me on a silver platter. In fact, in 2007 the company I was working for in California stole our last month’s pay and then filed for bankruptcy. We never saw that money. Due to various twists and turns in my life at that point, I was $50,000 in debt and was unemployed for five months. Not exactly the “One Shining Moment” music montage of my life. But I picked myself up, dusted myself off and 252 sent resumes later, I found a job in construction management and reinvented myself once again.

    Somewhere along the way, people started to ask me how I did it. How did I always have the gall to take the risks, no matter what the odds? My immediate thought was, “Just be like me!” but then I realized that was probably a bit useless of a response, and it was also incidentally my first lesson in “How To Sell Like An Idiot.” So I dug into my brain to figure out what it was. What I yanked out was: accountability. I’m accountable for the choices I make. I finished stuff, even my mistakes. I closed the loop on my accountability and I moved on as quick as I could. All of those lessons and insights I learned from the insane twists and turns that was my adult career inspired me to write The Accountability Effect: The Book Your Excuses Don’t Want You To Read during a 4-week group Colipera (goal-setting) session. I sure as hell didn’t want to write it in 4 weeks, but I was accountable to a group of people other than myself. Who knows, had I not made that commitment, I might still be “working on it.”

    Alas, when Seth Godin linked to it and when Chris Guillebeau raved about it, I knew I was hitting the right chord. After that, the coaching and the speaking seemed to be a natural manifestation of the small wave that I happened to be riding, I just had to stand up on my board.

    I believe that the gift of life, the chance to make of one’s destiny whatever one chooses, is the greatest gift that could ever be bestowed upon an individual. I live my life with that fire, in awe of the world I get to experience and I share that zest with the clients I work with, hoping to unlock the chains that are holding them back.

    But it’s damn hard work navigating the unknowns, and that’s why when someone asks me, “Where do you want to be in 5 years?” That’s easy. Living intentionally. That’s all I say. That’s all I can say. It’s worked out so far. Every crazy choice, every failed endeavor, every chance I took, I’ve somehow always figured out how to make it be the “right choice” no matter the mud on my face or the cuts on my hand.

    I wake up everyday feeling like the luckiest guy in the world for having the chances I’ve had in life and for the support of the friends, family and colleagues that I receive on a daily basis. I wouldn’t be able to do anything without them.

    Currently, I live in Brooklyn, NY and you can usually find me running the stairs in Fort Greene Park, trying to finish just one...more...set.

    Let me help you finish the things you want to finish. Life and business are a lot more fun when its done intentionally.

    Live, love and never stop learning. Keep tinkering.

    Bassam Tarazi

    Work With Bassam

    Every time you try to take one step forward on your project or business, circumstances (and excuses) seem to sever that attempt with the precision of a samurai.

    There you sit with the immortal words of Vanilla Ice running through your mind,

    “Will it ever stop? Yo - I don't know.”

    Yo, you don’t know. That is the scary part. And that is where I come in.

    While everyone is trying to get you to “Get ready, set, and go start something,” what you really need is to figure out how to “Get ready, set, and finally finish something.

    Because you’re tired of:

    - Lying about how many clients you have
    - Choosing what to do next
    - Figuring out what to let go of
    - Having to portray confidence but not being able to feel it
    - Deciding how to spread word of what you’re doing
    - Figuring out how to write compelling website copy
    - Guessing how to grow your business
    - Being the judge, the jury, the executioner AND the custodian on every decision

    Sometimes finishing can be tougher than a $2 steak, I’m not denying that. But with the right mindset, that piece of edible steel can end up being the most fulfilling meal you’ve ever sunk your teeth into.


    As an entrepreneur, you will be judged on what you finish. A prototype, a project, a product, a proposal, a pitch, a promo, a package, a presentation or a plethora of other things.

    Alas, this is the life of the entrepreneur. Instead of doing one thing, you must do everything.

    But who’s helping you not only solve the problems you currently have, but also finding the right problems to tackle? Who’s looking out for you while you’re looking out for your company?

    No matter your ‘prenuer, increasing your revenue is part of the game, but my time is worthless if I only help increase your bottom line and you’re still two seconds away from abandoning your mental post, leaving the gorillas to run the banana factory.

    To be your best at what you want to do today, you not only first have to decide what is most important to work on, you then have to put in the focused & deliberate work to see it through, and you have to be in the right mindset tonight to do it all again tomorrow.

    Because you are your business. There can’t be one without the other.

    Right? Right. 


    You’re a “but I” person.

    “I work for such and such company, but I (fill in the blank)_________.”

    - Have a blog on the side
    - Really want to be a travel writer
    - Want to start an online store
    - Am thinking of starting my own business
    - Am really passionate about education
    - Want to work in fashion

    You don’t know if you want a full fledged business on the side but you want something to point at, somehow. Because you want your legacy on this planet to be something other than, “The person who sent a lot of emails and who was cc’d on a bunch more.”

    You’re tired of saying all the things you should do but aren’t doing. You don’t need inspiration, you’re looking for a little direction. You’re hungry, just a little misguided.

    You don’t necessarily want a million bucks, you want to feel like a million bucks. Because there’s no way you’re having a midlife crisis.  No. Way. Not you.

    Change takes time but it has to start one day. I’m not your life coach, I’m your today coach.


    My Services


    Starter’s Block: The RSF Online Course - $99

    This is for you if you you're just getting started, don't trust me yet, or crapped your pants at the one-on-one prices below. There's no shame in any of that, and with this course, you can take it at your own pace, at your own time, and you don’t want to have to fill out questionnaires or race home to get on Skype call with me.

    At the end of the 4-module course:

    - You will be able to identify and face with confidence all the impediments that hold you back from accomplishing your goals
    - You will understand the importance of mindset and how to shift it to have it work for you
    - You will understand why it’s important to articulate your fears
    - You will learn where to start when you don’t know where to start
    - You will learn how to stay on track even when the wheels are coming off
    - You will learn why the people around you might be the most important factor to you achieving your goals

    This course insight is brought to you through:

    - 2 hours of video lessons from me (you can always minimize the screen if you get tired of looking at my face. I know I would!)
    - Over 3 hours of interviews with 5 extremely successful professionals all of whom are adept at overcoming excuses in their lives and careers
    - 10 worksheets you will actually use to fortify your goal-setting strategy

    And it’s only $99

    The Spotter: One-Month Coaching Relationship - $1197

    For those who need more than a Bandaid or a quick fix. You’re looking to invest some real time into your pursuits and to lay some sort of a foundation behind your efforts. Is your niche correct? Do you need an opt-in page? Do have any idea what you are doing? For this month you’ll get:

    - Mission Control -  (4) 1-hour Skype/Google+ conversations; There’s nothing like 2-D face-to-face when 3-D face-to-face isn’t possible
    - It's like google, except for your life - You can email me day and night whatever your heart desires. Think you’re crazy for having an idea? Want to pick my brain on some copy you wrote? About to jump off the dock with lead boots on? Email me first and I’ll get right back to you
    - Everything but that morning cup of coffee - I will send you insights even when you don’t ask for it. As your co-pilot, your success, is my success. That guy peeking into your window checking up on things will be me (Well, figuratively speaking. Call the cops on that other guy.)
    - If only you had a contact at _____, Inc! - You’ll have access to my network whenever it’s necessary or whenever it makes sense
    - A Time Machine - You’ll get clear on what is working and what isn’t working so that at the end of the month you won’t recognize the person who was you 4 weeks ago

    The Last Mile: Three-Month Coaching Relationship - $2,997

    In essence, you want a business partner who doesn’t want any equity. This is what the 3-month relationship is. We’ll uncover every hidden hurdle and turn you into a finishing machine with new bounds of clarity, purpose, sanity and income. It’s not just a relationship, it’s a metamorphosis. You’ll get everything that the One-Month Coaching gets you except 2 more months of it!

    Interested in the 1 or 3-month opportunities and not sure how to contain your excitement?

    Here’s how it works:

    Fill out this questionnaire. Have fun with it. Be you

    - I will review the questionnaire and get back to you in case anything is not jiving. Or I’ll run for the hills if your Superhero Name (you’ll see) is “Black Death” or something like that

    - We’ll have some back and forth over email and then I’ll send you a more in-depth questionnaire so I can know as much as possible about you and your conundrum before our first call. Hors d'oeuvres and appetizers will be handled up front so that from minute one of our first call, we can get into the main course. This reduces the “So tell me what you do exactly” portion of the call that would take up 30 unnecessary minutes

    - You and I will settle on a time for that first call and then BAM, the starter’s gun goes off and we’re on our way

    For those on the 1 or 3 month track, you will have email access to me at all times (well I guess you always technically have one way email access to anyone but what I mean is that I will reply to your email, and quickly to boot)

    Maximize Your 5-to-9!
    We will create clarity
    We will find a way to seize your opportunities
    We will find solutions
    You will be accountable for your choices
    You will be more confident
    You won't be allowed to say, "I just can't."
    I will push you to realize your dreams
    I will give you everything I have

    Testimonial:Bassam will challenge you to truly care about what it is you think you want. He will help you tear away the vagueness or fear behind any goal you are thinking about. Anytime I tried to let ambiguity seep into my goals, he was there to quickly challenge me to choose a path. Bassam will push you to get results but at the same time, he’s cognizant of life’s roadblocks and how to best handle those moments. He’s about actionable, controllable steps that lead to progress , whatever your goals may be.
    - Shir Moscovitz, Founder & Ceo of Shir Consulting

    Testimonial: Bassam has an optimistic ‘can do’ attitude that encourages others to pick their own path and then simply keep moving forward…no matter what. Coaches commonly ask their players how bad they want to win that championship game and Bassam applies that same competitive approach to all areas of life. Bassam will make you question what you really want to accomplish, encourage you to push the limits just a little further and help you decide what you are doing TODAY to make it a reality.
    -Cheyne Suker, IT Consultant

    Curated Colipera Sessions (Personal and Corporate)
    Workshops/Goal-Setting Classes/Speaking

    Testimonial:Bassam is one of the most self-motivated people I know, who not only sets a great example with all the personal projects he successfully runs, but also truly thrives on helping other learn how to motivate themselves and accomplish their goals. He has been an amazing mentor to me, and is often the first person I turn to when I need help tackling a new project. He has provided me with a constant source of insight and helpful tactics and resources along the way and his positive approach to life is contagious.
    -Erin Switzer

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